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Chiropractic Myths

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Myths Debunked

So what myths are true or false?

It's our goal to help patients weed out the truth from the misconceptions that often plague chiropractic care. Unfortunately, if a myth is widespread, it can be accepted as fact, even with little truth to back it up.

Here is a glimpse at some of the top myths our experts have encountered over the course of their careers. In this section we dissect these myths and provide the truth.

  1. Myth: Having an adjustment by a chiropractor is not safe.

    Truth: According to studies, a chiropractic adjustment can be safer than most day-to-day activities like stargazing, having your hair washed, and more.

  2. Myth: Prescription drugs, including the non-prescription variety, are safe to use.

    Truth: Having a negative reaction to a prescription medication is common, and it's listed within the top three causes of death in the United States. Chiropractic care offers an alternative to these drugs and can provide therapeutic relief from several ailments.

  3. Myth: After you’ve seen a chiropractor once, you’ll need to go back all of the time.

    Truth: In order to maintain a healthy lifestyle, we recommend having regular adjustments. However, we do not put pressure on our patients to return, and the choice to continue is completely their own.

  4. Myth: Chiropractic care does not actually work or is not that effective.

    Truth: Chiropractic specialists across the U.S. have helped millions of patients suffering from various ailments. Several celebrities and athletes including Tiger Woods, Christie Brinkley, and countless others have benefitted from chiropractic care.

  5. Myth: Kids should not see a chiropractor and do not need adjustments.

    Truth: Chiropractic care is safe for all children of every age, starting from infancy and up to the teenage years.

  6. Myth: The bumps and injuries my kids get throughout childhood are harmless.

    Truth: An OSHA study estimates that a child may experience up to 1,500 traumas to the spine before their fifth birthday. If a child regularly sees a chiropractor, the adverse effects of these traumas may be minimized or corrected.

  7. Myth: A chiropractic care specialist isn’t actually a doctor.

    Truth: While in school, future chiropractors receive 4,485 hours of college classroom instruction while medical students receive around 4,248 hours.

  8. Myth: Doing self-adjustments at home are safe and can help me.

    Truth: A self-adjustment may appear to work due to the short period of relief, but it is actually just a false sense of treatment that has not fixed the underlying problem. In some cases, it may lead to an arthritic condition.

  9. Myth: The sounds you hear during an adjustment are the sound of your bones rubbing together.

    Truth: The sound is actually CO2 gas from inside the spine being released. When this occurs, a popping noise can be heard during an adjustment. AFC Physical Medicine & Chiropractic Care Centers now offers a noise-free treatment option.

  10. Myth: Chiropractic care can become costly.

    Truth: Several insurance companies, including Medicare, can cover chiropractic adjustments. These health insurers are aware of the statistical benefits of preventative care compared to other treatment options like prescription medication and surgery.

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