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Meet Our Team!

We have a diverse team of professionals in our company.

Kristen Villanueva

Growing up as a first generation Asian-American, I have always admired the amount of work and dedication my parents have made to come to the US and give me opportunities. With the opportunities that CORE has given me, I can continue working towards a bright future that my parents have offered me. In my free time, I enjoy looking for new food places to try and spending time with my dog. 

Professionally, I have 5+ years of clerical experience. I have been working for CORE since the summer of 2023, and I have enjoyed every moment! I have learned so much from working here and I am so excited to continue my journey with them. 


My Path to Chiropractic

After Dr. Ho completed his undergraduate education, he enrolled in a program to become a pharmacist. “It was then that I realized that it just didn’t feel right to take medication because some medications only serve to mask health problems, rather than fix the root of it.”

Dr. Ho made the switch to Chiropractic College, attending the University of Western States in Portland, OR to complete his chiropractic education. “I enjoyed adjusting and relieving body aches and pains.”

Care with Friendship as the Foundation

He loves making a connection with each of his patients by listening and modifying treatment according to their needs.

“Getting to know the patients and developing their trust as well as respect is important to me. I aim to work with my patients through listening to their problems and concerns so I can provide proper guidance and education for my patients to ensure that their wellness is maintained after they complete their treatment with Core Chiropractic”

Staying Active and Healthy

When he’s not at the office, Dr. Ho can be found spending time in the outdoors. Originally from Hawaii, he is a former surfer and body boarder and enjoys hiking, fishing, and snowboarding.

“I would love the opportunity to listen to your health concerns and discuss how chiropractic care can meet your needs.”

Leonard Ho, DC

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