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Information We Collect:

  1. Patient Information:

    • We collect and store the information you provide during the scheduling process, such as your name, contact details, and medical history.

    • This information is solely used for the purpose of scheduling medical appointments and managing your healthcare services.

How We Use Your Information:

  1. Medical Scheduling:

    • Your personal information is used exclusively for scheduling medical appointments and facilitating communication between you and healthcare providers.

  2. Internal Record Keeping:

    • We maintain a record of your medical appointments for administrative and reference purposes.

Data Security:

  1. Secure Transmission:

    • We use industry-standard encryption protocols to ensure the secure transmission of your personal information.

  2. Access Controls:

    • Access to your information is restricted to authorized personnel only, and stringent access controls are in place to prevent unauthorized access.

Information Sharing:

  1. No Sharing with Third Parties:

    • We do not share your patient information with any third-party offices, organizations, or individuals, except as required by law.

We would like to assure you that we highly value your privacy when it comes to SMS communication. Any consent you provide for receiving SMS notifications, reminders, or updates is solely used for communicating important information related to our services. Rest assured that we do not share your phone numbers or SMS consent with any third parties or affiliates

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